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I began thinkingabout the content of this post last night at my dinner table.  I was thinking about our opinion writing unitand suddenly my mind traveled back to last semester when we read the MikeRibble book Digital Citizenship in Schools.  Mike talked a lot about the importance ofhaving students provide feedback and/or review the technology that is availableto them.  Then I got thinking… if I amasking my students to review entire stories, why don’t I start by having themreview the apps we use in our classroom. Today was all about having an opinion; students discussed the apps theylike and why. 

Our Favorite Apps

*My favorite Appis Story Buddybecause I can write stories.

*My Favorite Appis Cookie Factoryis fun because it helps me practice value

*My Favorite Appis Math Zombiesbecause you can do multiplication, division, and subtraction.

*My Favorite Appis Lexia Core 5because it is fun to play on

*My Favorite Appis Teach Me becauseit has fun math games and shows you adding

*My Favorite Appis Math Zombiesbecause there is easy and hard levels and I like to do both

*My Favorite Appis Sushi Monsterbecause it gives you hard numbers

*My Favorite Appis Sushi Monsterbecause they give you hard number sentences to solve. Like what is 400-300?

*My Favorite Appis Lexia Core 5because you can get a certificate at the assembly and you learn how to readmore

*My Favorite Appis Math Zombiesbecause there’s times and dividing, plus and take away and I like doing math.

*My Favorite Appis Math Bug becauseyou can do place value to the thosands place and I like doing big numbers

*My Favorite Appis Xtra Mathbecause it makes me learn more and makes me get better and better at math

*My Favorite Appis RazKids becauseyou get to learn different things and build and design a robot with your points

*My Favorite Appis Lexia Core 5because it helps you read and make words

*My Favorite Appis Cookie Factorybecause you get to count and add

*My Favorite Appis Math Zombies.  Do you know they have a zap button that zapsthe zombies when you get an answer right. You can also do multiplying.  Thenwhen you pass all the levels a big monster comes out.

Next step is towrite a review of that app citing specific reasons and providing arecommendation.  

Posted by jscully On 04/01/2014 at 4:03 PM  7 Comments

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Riannon (Guest) said On 04/08/2014 at 2:48 PM
Sounds like you got some great feedback. I like that they are thinking critically about the apps and not just playing.  
Danielle (Guest) said On 04/01/2014 at 6:53 PM
What a great idea! Students love when someone asks them their opinion and I'm sure they really loved being asked about the apps they use in class. Can't wait to hear the next step!   
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